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Ottawa Sun Scramble Format & Rules
Ottawa Sun Scramble: Format & Rules

All divisions are a two-person scramble format.

Competitors play round one to try and make the cut, and then play round two for their respective city title on Championship Saturday at Predator at GreyHawk, or Championship Sunday at Eagle Creek.

Registration is based on a first-come first-served basis, subject to qualification, and all teams that made the cut the previous year get priority registration.

Local Rules (Last Update: March 12, 2018)

Play is governed by the current Golf Canada Rules of Golf and local course rules, except for the following:

  1. Two-Person Scramble Format (commonly known as “best shot”).

  2. Lift, clean and place within 12 inches in any direction no closer to hole – everywhere except on green – if original ball is in a hazard or rough, ball must remain in same cut of rough or hazard.

  3. Marking ball on green. Chosen ball must be played from exact position, therefore, place a marker one putter head length sideways from the original position. Partners may stand directly in the line of the putt to obtain a read.

  4. Tap-ins. If a putt is on the lip (within 12 inches) it may be tapped in prior to the second putt being attempted. If the second putt is made, it will be the one that counts. If the first tap-in is missed, the only ball in play is the second ball.

  5. The ball in play may be replaced at any time during the round as long as your ball can be easily identified.

  6. There are no stroke and distance penalties. Any lost ball or out of bounds must be played as a lateral hazard (Point-of-entry with one penalty stroke, or keep the point-of-entry and the pin in line and go back as far as desired).

  7. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. Players may remove stones without penalty.

  8. If one ball may be lost and one is safe, only one minute is permitted to search for the lost ball. Provisional balls are not needed nor permited.

  9. If a ruling is required, attempt to make it within your group – if needed, try to flag rules official but if one is not near, play a second ball and the ruling will be made when you come in.

  10. All scorecards must be signed by at least one player and a scorer from another team.

  11. Only one non-amateur player permitted on each Ladies, Senior and Open team.

  12. Junior and Senior champions may be asked to produce identification to verify age.

  13. All types of range finders and GPS devices are permitted (including cell phones and slope).

  14. All flower beds are considered immovable obstructions and a player must take relief without penalty.

  15. Wooden walls along the edge of bunkers are considered outside of the hazard and deemed to be immovable obstructions. Players may take relief without penalty.

  16. Any local drop zone may be used.

  17. Players must proceed directly to the scoring area after completing the 18th hole (penalty of one stroke may apply if the scorer has to come retrieve the scorecard).

  18. Caddies are not permitted but spectators are welcome. Please follow host course cart rules and fees if they permit carts for spectators.

  19. Partners may share clubs.

  20. Players may change their ball at any time.

  21. Players may listen to music as long as it does not distract or bother other players. This is at the discretion of the tournament marshals.

Pace of Play Policy

All rounds are to be played in under 4hrs 30 mins.

You will be given a warning if your group is out of position which means more than a half hole behind the group ahead of you. A one-stroke penalty will be assessed to anyone who takes more than 45 seconds to execute a shot when their group is out of position.

In the event of a tie

If after completion of round one, or any of the Qualifiers, there are more teams on the cut line than there are available spots for the next round, a sudden death playoff will begin immediately.

If after completion of the championship rounds, there is a tie for the lead, a sudden death playoff will begin immediately.

  • Teams will tee off on the same playoff hole. Playoff holes are determined by the tournament committee based on golf course availability (maximum of four teams per group; if there are more than four teams the group will be split up)

  • Sudden Death Playoff format

  • If play is suspended due to darkness, weather or course unavailability, a form of retrogression will be used:

    • Best back nine played from the most recent round wins, if still tied
    • best last six holes, if still tied
    • best last three holes, if still tied
    • best hole from 18 continuing in reverse

Rain/Weather Policy

Tournament play will continue in a rain situation unless:

  • the course is deemed unplayable by course management
  • there is lightning in the area and the tournament committee or course management makes the decision to cease play

In the case of such delays/cancellations for round one or any of the Qualifiers, play will resume as soon as possible on the same day.

If it is impossible for all play to finish on that day, then the round will cease and a decision will be made on how many holes are official.

This decision will be based on how many holes the last group fully completed (same number of holes completed if it’s a shotgun or split tee).

If the number of holes completed is less than nine, the following will determine who advances from a qualifier:

  1. One spot reserved for a lottery for all teams involved
  2. Final placing from the previous year’s round one from the current division being contested
  3. Lottery for any remaining spots

If the number of holes completed is less than nine, the following will determine who advances from a first round during City Championship Week:

  1. 25% of spots reserved for a lottery with all teams involved
  2. Any prior champions in the draw
  3. Final placing from the previous year's round one from the current division being contested
  4. Lottery for any remaining spots
In the case of such delays/cancellations for a championship day, results from round one will be official.

In the event of a delay, players must mark the location where their ball lay and continue from that spot when play resumes.

Billing will be handled based on the situation and in collaboration with the host golf course. Generally, refunds are not applicable, but possible rain checks are.

Qualifiers / Waiting Lists

Qualifiers maintain a 5:1 team-to-qualifying spot ratio. Reminder that any team who makes the cut in the main event is guaranteed a spot for the next year if they register before March 1st. After March 1st, registrations are placed on a lottery list for all remaining direct entry spots.

Once all direct entry spots are filled:

  • Remaining registrations and new registrations are added to the waiting list based on their registration timestamp
  • Teams who register for a qualifier are placed above teams who are not registered in a qualifier
  • After the first five qualifiers are complete, the waiting list will be reset based on the results:
    • Teams who lost in a qualifier playoff will be entered into a lottery for any remaining spots
    • Teams who finish in the spot behind the last qualifier are put into a lottery for remaining qualifying spots
      • Extra qualifying spots are allocated to the final qualifier, with a bonus spot if available, then the remaining qualifying spots are released to the waiting list

After Qualifier #5 there will be a re-shuffle of the waiting list based on results:

  • Any teams that lost in a playoff will be in a lottery for top position of the waiting list, then:
  • Any teams that finished in second place in a qualifier will be in a lottery for next position on the waiting list, then:
  • Any teams that finished in the next position in a qualifier will be in a lottery, etc.

Changes in Scoring Average or Handicap

While our team makes every effort to keep abreast of all registrants' handicaps/scoring averages, ultimately it is the responsibility of each player to inform the Tournament Committee should their handicap/scoring average fall outside of the parameters set for the division for which they are registered.

When notified or upon discovery of such a change, the Committee will make every effort to accommodate the team within a new division, or provide a full refund. A team will be disqualified and no refund will be offered should the discovery come after a qualifying round, or a Championship week round has been completed. 

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